Gawwwwwd!!! What is life if you’re not typing? lol I’m kidding I honestly haven’t had the time to be on the computer to talk to you guys. It’s either I’m sick, I’m working or I’m spending time with Jayden. But today I got to work in the back, so that’s good! jeje

anywayssss.. lol (I promise I wasn’t eating popcorn and drinking fresh watermelon water that my mum made lolol)

Me fellow messy people, this year has start off GREAT! I’m currently in a relationship with my best friend Ernesto(prefers: ernie, or neto). We’ve been dating since Dec., 28th and honestly I can’t thank God enough for him. We’ve been through some huge bumps already, it’s a looooooong story but just know we are passing through the storms with the help of God and my family. We moved out to our own apartment in April and it has been the greatest decision so far. My parents of course didn’t like the idea but dad asked us several times if we loved each other and we both said Yes, so we moved out and well now we have our own little family Neto, Jayden and Me! (:

Jayden loves him so much. When Ernie is at work, and I’m off with Jayden; he will ask me every five mins “Where is Ernie, mami?” It’s heart warming to know that they both love each other so much. I’m glad I chose him. I am falling more in love with this guy every day (it’s nuts). I should probably tell you guys how we met. lol 

I met Ernesto at……………. WORK. lolol (how common? right? no? ohkayyy) anyways I met him at work, When they brought me back to life at CDR again. lol I honestly thought he was the most funniest and handsome guy. I’m not gonna lie we have an age difference but does love come in ages? no it doesn’t at least not for me. I’m older than him and well like i said age doesn’t matter to me or him. Sooooo yeahhh lol. We’re both still growing up and learning many things each and every day that goes by…  

Okaaaay so that’s pretty much what I have going on in my life right now.,.,. 

One other thing is I’m trying to start like a hobby diy thing and try to sell on etsy or online but I can’t think of any ideas, maybe y’all came help me out? Everything is possible with God in your mind. So I know I can accomplish this. 

Well I gotta go back to acting like I’m working lol. I’ll talk to you guys later, I promise. I’m not going A-Wall on y’all. 😊😘 

-Stay messy my loves! Xoxo, Jess.