Hebrews12;7 Happy Birthday to me!  Today I turned 23 years young, gosh I feel so old to be honest. Anyways before this day is over, I want to thank God for letting me live another day of life. For letting me see his creations and live by His plans. For the wonderful family and friends he gave me. For Jayden. For my past & future blessings. For everything he has ever given and taken away. I know that what’s in my life and what is not that’s the way he wants it.Thank You Lord, I Love You so much! 

I honestly feel so blessed. Even though I’m going through a rough messy month, I know I’m being watched over and taken care of. This next coming week is gonna be a very busy week for me and Jay. The mediation meeting is coming up  for me and his dad, and I’m so nervous about it. I don’t know why. But I’m leaving everything in Gods hands. Then Jay will be having picture day at school!! *gaaaaa that’s exciting 😀 * & then a field trip to a farm! 😀 😀 *I think I’m more excited then he is* Busy busy week!… 

Also, today I received a call from an Electronic store I use to work at and they want to give me my job back. [ Do you guys see why I’m saying I’m being watched over] God is really showing me that without him I’m nothing. I know he wants me back on his path, and that’s where I’m heading. I pray that this month is full of blessings for this single mom and her child. I’m not giving up. No sir. 

On the other hand, I’m trying to put this bug out by 9 and let me tell you so far no wins for me. Gosh this is so hard. Like I don’t understand how some of y’all do it. Please I beg if y’all can give me some hints, advice, opinions, anything helps. *jaja* 

Well my messy bloggers don’t forget to always put your trust in God, don’t give up just yet. ,,,,, Welp this messy mom and her adorable messy child are turning the lights off. Hope you all have a blessed night. *muaaaahhh*