You know that moment you realize you have a couple of minutes to actually breathe…, yeahhhhh I have that break right now.

I haven’t been able to get on and talk to you guys about my mess lately, because we recently just moved houses {Felt like we were never gonna finish packing & unpacking}. We haven’t finished to be honest, dads handy stuff are still in the old house. I say we’ll be done by the end of this week.

Thank God this house they now own, so we won’t be moving anymore. {Maybe I will, hopefully someday I find a loving and caring (don’t forget hardworking) husband. 😊} For the time being I will remain there and stay positive in life! 

Sharing rooms with my 3 year old has been like a war. {Jaja} He wants to have his toys out ALL THE TIME. I think he even does it on purpose when I’m trying to clean or fold laundry{wait I don’t think, I KNOW}. I’m open for any ideas yall!
Here’s a little preview of our room.


That’s Jay in his bed, sleeping. {Jeje}
I’m still not done there’s pictures, posters, and lights that need to be hung. With school + helping my mom unpack, doesn’t give me any time. Also picking up Jayden from school or dropping him off, yep that’s timing I don’t have on my side right now.

Well I’ll talk to you guys later a little bit more about what’s messy this week. STAY MESSY GUYS!✌ πŸ˜™